Why and how to participate in yes activities?

The young european swiss | yes is a non-profit association that represents the pro-European voice of Swiss youth. Since 1998, its members have been committed not only to good relations between Switzerland and the European Union, but also to further European integration.

In order to be able to continue to achieve these objectives, yes needs your support. This can take the form of a donation, participation as a simple member, as an active member or as a member of the executive board of the association.

Why participate?

Are you under 35 years old? As a politically neutral movement, i.e. independent of any political party and ideology, yes allows young people like you to meet other young people from all walks of life, to carry out projects together, to gain experience in a youth association, to propose solutions to concrete problems, to take a closer interest in national and international politics, to build a network and, as much as possible, to influence the future of our country. This gives our members the opportunity to learn, evolve, implement their ideas and even achieve the objectives that matter to them.

How to participate?

There are several different ways to take part in the yes, presented here in ascending order of engagement:

  • Become a donor: yes is fortunate to be supported by generous donors of all ages and political persuasions. Donors benefit from our newsletter. If you would like to contribute as well, you can consult this link .
  • Become a member: yes currently has more than 300 members from all regions of Switzerland. Our members meet for the General Assembly of the association (in October) as well as for events throughout the year in the different regions of the country (conferences, outings, information stands). They also receive our newsletter, as well as the newsletter and the magazine of the European Movement Switzerland, the umbrella organisation of yes.
    Your commitment as a member is very flexible and can range from a few hours per year to an average of about 1 hour per week. The membership of yes is acquired by becoming a member of the European Movement Switzerland.
  • Become an active member: yes has the great chance to be able to rely on a network of active members who support it in its various ongoing projects (europe@school, Challenge Europe) as well as in its one-time projects (for example political campaigns) and the organisation of various events (conferences, meetings with other associations, etc). This commitment can also be done flexibly and will take you about 1 to 2 hours a week.
  • Become a board member: yes currently has about ten members on its national board. The board represents the association toward the outside, establishes contacts with politicians, produces position papers for Swiss elected representatives and politicians, coordinates with partner and third party associations, provides impetus for political campaigns and manages the association’s projects. The board also offers the opportunity to gain leadership experience and to meet people and lead projects internationally.
    The board is always happy to include helpful and constructive persons and can provide further information to interested parties upon request. This commitment will take you an average of about 2 to 6 hours per week, depending on your position on the board.


Will it take me a long time?

Yes is perfectly aware that your most precious contribution to our association is the time you make available. Yes is grateful for this gift and shows it by taking all relevant measures to:

  • Make your commitment flexible: you decide when and how you participate in yes projects and activities;
  • Increase the efficiency of meetings and activities: so that you feel the value of time spent together;
  • Clearly defined responsibilities: everyone knows exactly what role he or she is supposed to play within the association, which makes cooperation easier;
  • A mentoring program for new active members who wish it: we help you find your way into our association.

WIf you have further questions or would like to receive additional information, you can contact our Community Manager: