The young european swiss | yes is constantly conducting campaigns and actions in the months and weeks leading up to elections and votes. The aim of this commitment is to sensitise and inform voters and thus pave the way for opening up to Europe. yes actively opposes initiatives and referendums that endanger Switzerland’s relations with the European Union. It also sets its own agenda through activities and events that promote awareness and information among the Swiss population about the advantages a Swiss membership in the EU would bring.

The yes campaigns range from actions on the streets, at railway stations and universities to events such as panel discussions or information events. In addition yes is active on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and informs there and by newsletter about the progress of its campaigns.

Recurring actions

Europe Day 9 May

9 May is the day of the historic Schuman Declaration: the then French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman presented his vision of new European cooperation in Paris. Since then, 9 May has been celebrated as “Europe Day”, and with it we commemorate every year that we live in peace and unity in Europe. Every year, yes celebrates this day with special and varying actions, drawing the public’s attention to the achievements of the European Union.


Past campaigns

“Stop Roaming” campaign

On 1 March 2019, yes launched its “Stop Roaming” campaign with a nation-wide petition to abolish roaming fees between Switzerland and the EU. With this petition, it calls on the Swiss Federal Council to take the necessary steps to conclude a bilateral agreement with the European Union on Switzerland’s association with the European area without roaming charges for the cross-border use of mobile phones. With distribution campaigns at railway stations and Swiss universities, collecting signatures in the streets and mobilising the public through social media and its networks, yes was committed to this petition.



10 years of Schengen

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the accession of Switzerland to the Schengen Area, yes distributed chocolates on the border between Basel (Switzerland) and Weil am Rhein (Germany) and informed border crossers about the significance of the Schengen Agreement. yes was supported by members of JEF Strasbourg. The action served to prepare for the vote to adopt the EU weapons directive, the rejection of which would have meant Switzerland leaving the Schengen area. Swiss voters adopted the law change, thus confirming the broad support that Schengen enjoys in Switzerland.

Campaign against the so-called “Self-determination” initiative

As a partner organisation of “Schutzfaktor M”, yes actively opposed the dangerous “self-determination” initiative and organised informative gatherings at Swiss universities, helped with flyer campaigns and mobilised voters on social media. The initiative was clearly rejected by Swiss voters.