Goals of yes

The young european swiss (yes) is the youth organisation of the European Movement Switzerland. With around 300 members, yes is active in several language regions and cantons of Switzerland. Young people and young adults from all over Switzerland work closely together in the national board of yes to realise projects in relation to Switzerland’s policy toward the European Union.

The main objective of yes is the rapid accession of Switzerland to the European Union. As the only pro-European voice of Swiss youth, yes would like to raise awareness on the importance of European integration in young people and young adults, to inform them about current challenges in Switzerland’s relations with Europe and draw attention to questions of European policy.

Yes is committed to a self-confident and sustainable protection of our country’s interests and thus to a right of co-determination at the European level. The association strives for Switzerland’s active participation in the project of European integration as well as designing together a democratic, transparent and federalist EU.

  1. yes is committed to an open, connected and forward-looking Switzerland
    From an economic point of view, Switzerland’s tendency towards isolation is a worrying development. For young Swiss people in particular, the fact that Switzerland remains outside Europe could have serious consequences, as opportunities such as Erasmus exchanges, trips abroad or the possibility of working within the EU are at stake. A resolute integration of Switzerland into Europe would give young Swiss men and women more freedom in choosing their place of study, residence or work and would enable them to meet new challenges together across borders.
  2. yes promotes knowledge about Swiss-EU relations among young people and young adults
    yes sees information, especially for young people, as the key to a change of opinion among the population towards Europe and the EU. This is why young european swiss is organising workshops at schools with its europe@school project. During such workshops the pupils are informed about the topic of Switzerland and the EU by competent experts on a factual level. The most comprehensive event of yes is the study trip Challenge Europe. During a six-day trip to Brussels and Strasbourg, as well as preparatory seminars in Switzerland and a final conference, the participating young people and young adults learn more about the EU, its institutions and its relations with Switzerland.
  3. yes is actively and publicly involved in relations between Switzerland and the EU
    yes organises panel discussions on various EU-related topics, carries out actions and campaigns and develops position papers and consultation responses. In press releases yes expresses itself on current topics on the relations between Switzerland and the EU. Yes advocates an open and honest debate on Switzerland-EU relations without taboos or blinkers. Switzerland’s accession to the EU must be discussed publicly and as a realistic option.
  4. yes is committed at the European level to helping shape the EU and relations with Switzerland
    Among other things, yes is well networked on an international level through its membership in JEF Europe. The association’s board regularly participates in international conferences. In this way, yes promotes knowledge about Switzerland’s relations with the EU, bilateral treaties, direct democracy and Switzerland’s federal system at the European level. Thus yes advocates an active role for Switzerland in the project of European integration and designing together a democratic, transparent and federalist EU.